About us

Best building services in London City

Hispalis Group has been operating for 15 years, providing a high quality service in the building sector, covering residential and commercial property, industrial warehouses, new build and renovations. The company born in Seville in 2000, years in which the construction sector in Spain was growing at breakneck speeds. It was in the south of Spain where Hispalis started to be a consolidated company.

Focused on all types of buildings such as houses, buildings, commercial, residential, etc. Over the years, Hispalis wanted to enlarge its borders and in 2014 is when the company made the leap to United Kingdom. Our concept and vision of construction changed completely, focusing on the high demands and needs of our clients as determined by the market in which we entered.

Building projects in London

The set of all these years of experience and the infinity of projects carried out, gave us the certainty and the guarantee of being able to compete in the British market and its high standards.

Hispalis has become not only a construction company but a company that covers projects from the minute zero, until the completion of the work. A group of specialists in different fields commit it possible for Hispalis to make our clients’ dreams come true. We have a group of professional architects, who develop projects and follow up on them, electricians, plumbers, painters, … all of this lands in a Project Management that meets all the warranty requirements.

Building services in Chelsea, Fulham, Putney, Monument, etc

At Hispalis, we also provide quality materials such as hydraulic flooring with a great guarantee and that fit into the most innovative designs of the areas in which the company operates, being mostly the glamorous neighborhoods of Chelsea, Fulham, Putney, even Monument, … or taking them to other countries like Portugal.

Our firm’s successful growth and expansion is based on always using highly qualified professionals to provide the quality, security and confidence that our clients demand, ensuring that we give an added-value service. Hispalis Group has an entrepreneurial and innovative profile. We offer many complementary services, and over the last year have developed into the fields of project management, interior design and estate agency services. We can therefore supply all our clients’ needs, from project management, permits, licences, interior design, etc.